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The "old Saône"- Autet
Situated on the left bank of the Saône, almost facing the Plage d’Autet (swimming beach), this nature reserve was formed by an old branch of the river, nowadays dried up, but which continues to shelter a rich variety of wetland flora and fauna.

La Fontaine Caillou (the stone fountain)

Situated on the edge of the forest of Belle Vaivre,this freshwater spring has long been reputed for the quality of its water.

The swimming pool of Renaucourt.

Welcomes you during the months of June, July and August. A lifeguard is present during openings hours: 13-30 to 19-00h  Monday to Friday;  and 13-00 to 19-30h on Saturdays, Sundays and jours fériés ( national holidays).

Contact: 03 84 92 04 18 or : 03 84 92 09 16 during the open periods.

The beach at Autet

The swimming area is under watch from Monday to Friday 14-00 to 18-30h;and on Saturdays, Sundays and jours fériés from 13-30 to 19-30h.

The bar-restaurant is open every day throughout the summer (June-September) serving ice-creams, waffles and evening meals. Entertainment and/or dancing every Friday evening in Summer.

"The prairie" Stables at Vereux

From Shetland Pony to Arab, and all sizes in between, the ¨Prairie Stables” cater for all your equestrian needs.

You are welcome every day to take part in:

- First Steps, from 2yrs old upwards(baby pony walking, on rein).
- Lessons with a state-qualified trainer.
- Advanced coaching and galloping.
- Outings to competitions.
- Country rambles.
- Stabling and grooming.

Ecuries de la Prairie
 70180 Vereux
Tel: 06 60 25 91 42 or 06 83 59 08 68       


Wildlife lovers, treat yourselves to a fishing trip!  Our county is renowned as “a Paradise for Fishermen”, with more than 3450 kms. of rivers and streams, and 4000 lakes and ponds. Fishing lets you discover our rich and varied countryside which makes the character of Franche-Comté ... and also to find peace and tranquility.

The Region of Champlitte and Dampierre-sur-Salon is drained by watercourses and pools classified as 2nd Category (notably the Saône, the Salon, the Vannon and the Gourgeonne)stocked with Barbel,Bream,Pike,Sander – and even Carp and Silure in the Saône.

--and if the fish aren’t bitingyou can always taste them in our restaurants which turn them into local specialities ! (Friture de Carpe, Pochouse….)

PARC de LOISIRS (fun park).

Open during July and August, the bouncy-castle park at Renaucourt caters for children under 12 yrs old accompanied by their parents. Entry to the park is 3€ for children; no charge for adult companions. Light snacks are available, as well as ice-cream and soft drinks.

In exceptional surroundings, come and pass a few happy hours with your children at Renaucourt! Group discount: 20 € instead of 30 € for a group of 10 children.

      Contact tel: Communauté de Communes des 4 Rivières: 03 84 67 13 74


At the beginning of the XVIIth century , vinegrowing becomes the main  source of income in Champlitte . In those days , " Les Lavières " is getting its current appearance .

Its name comes from " lave " , which means flat  limestone rocks , extracted  from the top of  quarry layers .

They were used to cover roofs, and build walls with " dry stones " which surrounded  vineyards . These stones were also used to build the huts  in which  vinegrowers rested, ate, and   took shelter from the weather . Today, an educational path enables visitors to discover this remarkable heritage .


These meadows are  a place of major ecological interest . You can find there 20% of the  plants protected  nationwide and 30 % of the plants known in France as growing in about 15 places of European interest .
Orchids are among the best known species of these meadows . They also have a major part in sheltering rare insects .

In Champlitte, labelled Natura 2000, the dry grasses are located on 3 different sites : Montgin ( on the way to Leffond ) , la Vielle Côte ( near Montarlot ) and la Pâturie .

To discover : orchis, ophrys, pasque – flower, green lizard, European goatsucker, hoopoe…



Vine has been grown in Champlitte since the Middle Ages

In 1868, vine was the 3rd source of income in Haute Saône, mainly in Champlitte and Gy . But in 1886, phylloxera arrives in Champlitte and completely destroys the vineyards . Within a few months , all the vines which had been the pride of the village for more than 400 years will vanish . With wars and    bad weather conditions , mainly frost , the  remaining vineyards will completely disappear .

In 1960, The Saint Vincent Brotherhood , Albert Demard and Les Compars de Chanitte decide to start growing vine again .
In 1974, Le Groupement Viticole Chanitois ( a share holding company ) is created . Today,  35 ha. ( 86 acres ) are grown by the GVC, their vine plants being Auxerrois, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Gamay . The wine is sold as Franche Comté local wine .
Since 1985, Pascal Henriot has grown 15 acres of organic  vine .

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